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Former Five Times World Kickboxing Champion, Writer, Producer, Director. Coming from a working-class background and growing up in the back streets of East London, England, I've been a fighter in every sense of the word, known for pursuing my goals relentlessly. Whether it's in the ring, through music, song writing, screenplay writing, directing, acting, or filmmaking as a whole, my unwavering determination drives me forward. My current goal is to bulldoze through boundaries and make a ever lasting mark..! “I've been fortunate to connect with incredible video and filmmakers over the years. Acommunity of highly skilled individuals. As a result, I brought together this talented group to establish JKO Films, a platform dedicated to delivering unique and comprehensive film and video services, serving as a one-stop shop for our clients.” – Jacko
Lauren is a full-time actress and model. She has graced the covers of GQ, Boots Health and Beauty magazines, appeared in Playboy Paris, LOreal and Nivea campaigns to name a few. Since she toured a sold out show last year that included runs at Soho Theatre and Camden Peoples Theatre, she has gone on to work on several feature films. One of which is the highly anticipated horror remake of a Disney classic, she plays an evil step sister in Cinderellas Curse that is due for cinema release early next year. Lauren is attracted to political inspired projects, and is using that interest and her skills to produce and lead a public service campaign about Public Sexual Harassment.
MANAGING DIRECTOR – TALNET MEDIA LTD Rajesh Nair is the Executive Producer of the 6 part series and film ‘Jack Stall Dead’. He runs content production and marketing agency Talnet Media Ltd to produce, market, distribute and monetise relevant and engaging content to the interests of an everchanging global audience. He has produced various advertising commercials and executed marketing campaigns for global and national brands in the Retail, Beauty, Property and Travel sectors. He is the Corporate Director at magazine and digital publishing house Asiana to generate new business and create bespoke events and projects to bring in supplemental revenue from shows and campaigns. He is also the Vice President of Business Development at DistroTV to create relationships with ad agencies, advertisers, marketers and brands to bring in advertising revenue on the bouquets of channels available on the streaming service.
After finishing his degree in Physics at Cardiff University, Brendan ended up working as an Executive Officer for The Cabinet Office in London. Brendan’s true calling was Film and Television, and left the Government post after three years to try and pursue his career. Brendan’s film and television credits include co- writer in The Host feature film, which received international theatrical distribution and stars include Derek Jacobi and Dougie Poynter, Cinematographer and Director in a few films and TV episodes for JKO films, has written, directed and produced a number of short films and directed, filmed and edited several music videos. Brendan also works as a fashion and commercial photographer. His photography work has been published in national and international magazines and been featured on television.    Some clients he has shot for include Vivienne Westwood, NEXT, House of Fraser, Amazon, Matches Fashion, Universal Studios and BBC TV, as well as several independent fashion and swimwear brands.
J R Santana is an award-winning Screenwriter and Producer. With over three decades of experience working in Hollywood and Europe, JR has been involved in productions ranging from $1m – $25m, all with A list cast.  As a Screenwriter, he has won the Kodak Award for Outstanding Cinematic Achievement, the Turner Classic Movies Prize, Best Film at the Interfilm Berlin Film Festival as well as being nominated for two consecutive BAFTA Awards.  He also holds a Master’s degree from Cambridge University. When not working, JR spends his free time riding his vintage British motorcycle, competing in International Long Range Match Rifle competitions and penning his debut novel.
I started my career with a documentary directed for channel 4, commissioned whilst still at film school. I went on to work as an assistant producer on itv's award winning 'this morning' programme with richard and judy as well as working on various productions in light entertainment dept. At granada tv. Following senior producing and directing positions at gmtv, the bbc, itv and sky arts, i moved away from broadcast and into network drama directing; eastenders, casualty, footballer's wives etc., To costume drama for the bbc written by julian fellowes. I have been twice bafta nominated for my work and have a number of screenplays in development. I currently direct high-end branded content and commercials for public and private sector organisations. Clients include tesco, queen elizabeth prize for engineering, wwf, the royal navy, toby carvery, seven hills, trinity mirror, ukti, british business bank, grant thornton, glyndebourne opera house, leon restaurants, classic & sportscar magazine, haymarket, gazelle colleges, tech london advocates, and passion capital to name but a few. Please view a selection of my films here: as a screenwriter, i have won the kodak award for outstanding cinematic achievement, the turner classic movies prize, best film at the interfilm berlin film festival as well as being nominated for two consecutive bafta awards.
Brandon Rhiness is a screenwriter and director from Edmonton, Canada. He also writes and publishes comic books and graphic novels through Higher Universe Comics, a company he co-founded. Brandon has written in various genres and mediums including film, TV and web series. He grew up in Wetaskiwin, Alberta and now lives in Edmonton. Brandon wrote the screenplay for John, 316 which won awards for Best Screenplay at the Ontario International Film Festival and Best Picture at the Toronto Independent Film Awards in 2020. He is best known for directing the indie cult movies Grotesque and Hot Box. 
Second Unit Director NATASHA PARIS Second Unit Director
Born and raised in the vibrant cultural tapestry of Montreal, Natasha's origins reflect a fascinating blend of Greek, Armenian, and Haitian heritage. From her early years, she exhibited a passion for storytelling, crafting an impressive array of 30 feature screenplays during her teenage days. Upon reaching university age, Natasha embarked on a formal education in screenwriting, honing her skills and refining her craft. Graduating with a deep-seated determination to make her mark in the film industry, Natasha's multifaceted journey led her to various roles, including acting, assisting producers, directing, first assistant, script supervisor, and more. Notably, Natasha found a home at BBR Productions, a renowned Montreal-based film production company specializing in compelling broadcast media, such as "EMOTIONAL ARITHMETIC," featuring Susan Sarandon, Max Von Sydown, Gabriel Byrne, and Christopher Plummer; reality TV with "PAST LIVES;" documentary with "THE DEVIL WITHIN," and cinematic endeavors like "WUSHU WARRIOR," and "ENTER THE VOID," directed by Gaspar Noé. Natasha's directorial ventures of short films received international acclaim. "SOLITUDE" was showcased in prestigious festivals such as the Rhode Island and Brno 16, gaining recognition for its poignant storytelling. Her short film "COMPULSION 1897" made waves at events like the Delray Beach Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand Film Market, and Cannes’ Short Film Corner. Among her directorial successes, "EMPTY CALORIES" earned her a coveted WorldFest Houston Bronze Remi Award. "MARGARITAS ON THE ROAD," her second project sponsored by Cirque du Soleil, further established her reputation as a filmmaker with a unique vision. “SOMETHING BORROWED, SOMEONE BLUE” won Best Film, Best Writing as well as Best Cinematography. Natasha was hired as the producer, writer, and director for 7 Public Service Announcements for Women In Film Dallas. Her screenplays have also been rewarded with numerous nominations, especially “THE ZODIAC DATER,” which won the Scriptapalooza Fellowship, as well as “PANDORA’S VOODOO” which made it as a Second Rounder at the Austin Film Festival. Natasha's impact extends beyond her own projects. She lent her expertise as a writer and script doctor to more than 20 films. In her role as a first assistant director, she ensured seamless coordination and execution to over 12 productions. As a producer, she demonstrated her organizational prowess by bringing more than 15 projects to fruition. Her directorial ventures resonated with audiences across 20 national and international film festivals. Natasha's passion for fostering talents led her to establish the "FILM FESTIVAL WITH A TWIST" in Montreal in 2003. During her tenure as a board member of Women In Films Dallas, she contributed to initiatives that supported and uplifted aspiring women in the field, embodying her commitment to inclusivity and mentorship.
I am forever devoted to the magic of storytelling. After moving from North Wales to the South of England, I wanted to demonstrate my skills with screenwriting that I have crafted over the years. There are many stories I wish to bring into the World that engage and excite audiences. Key skills: Script Doctoring, Character Development, Adding conflicts and engaging character journeys.
A.I. Integrated Content Creator / PROFESSONAL DRONE PILOT EMRAH ALI MANDARUN (M) A.I. Integrated Content Creator / PROFESSONAL DRONE PILOT
Meet M, the wizard behind the lens and the commander of cinematic skies—EMRAH ALI MANDARUN! As an AI-integrated content creator and a drone maestro, M doesn't just capture moments; they choreograph visual poetry with pixels and aerial grace. Armed with the wizardry of artificial intelligence, M transforms ordinary scenes into extraordinary tales. From the subtle hum of drone propellers to the symphony of pixels in every frame, M crafts a narrative that transcends the boundaries of imagination. In the realm where creativity meets technology, M is not just a creator; they are the architect of a visual revolution, making every frame a masterpiece and every flight a dance with the cinematic cosmos.
Associated Producer, Actress, and Visionary Storyteller INGRID MARGUS Associated Producer, Actress, and Visionary Storyteller
Ingrid is a dynamic force in the filmmaking industry whose passion for storytelling began at an early. She is dedicated to highlighting the narratives of strong women who have reshaped history and influenced both their immediate and broader communities. Ingrid's film roles, including standout performances in "MADAM K" and "WOMEN'S WAR," highlight her versatility and ability to bring complex, historical female characters to life. Ingrid's foundation as a professional ballroom dancer, coupled with her acting training at the prestigious Lee Strasberg's Institute in New York, has honed her into a compelling performer. Merging the discipline of an athlete with the mindset of a peaceful warrior.
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