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Meet A. Ali (JACKO) (CEO and Founder of JKO FILMS)
Former Five Times World Kickboxing Champion, Writer, Producer, Director

Former Five Times World Kickboxing Champion, Writer, Producer, Director. Coming from a working-class background and growing up in the back streets of East London, England, I’ve been a fighter in every sense of the word, known for pursuing my goals relentlessly. Whether it’s in the ring, through music, song writing, screenplay writing, directing, acting, or filmmaking as a whole, my unwavering determination drives me forward. My current goal is to bulldoze through boundaries and make a ever lasting mark..!

“I’ve been fortunate to connect with incredible video and filmmakers over the years. A community of highly skilled individuals. As a result, I brought together this talented group to establish JKO Films, a platform dedicated to delivering unique and comprehensive filmmaking services, serving as a one-stop shop for our clients.” – Jacko


Where magic is happeningJKO Film Studio

At JKO Films, our journey has been fortunate with the opportunity to collaborate with exceptional video and filmmakers over the years, culminating in a network of highly skilled individuals. The amalgamation of this diverse talent has given rise to JKO Films—a platform meticulously crafted to provide clients with a seamlessly integrated solution for projects and productions.

For us, Filmmaking is not merely a service; it’s an artistic journey. Fueled by passion, we navigate this creative journey, consistently striving to deliver outstanding results while respecting budgetary considerations. With a team of seasoned creative directors at the helm, we possess the expertise to conceive
ideas that not only meet but truly capture your unique vision.

why jko films

Our approach to video and filmmaking is distinctly tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Within our team, you’ll find a diverse crew including DOPs, Directors, camera crew, a full creative team, post-production experts, music and sound professionals, and a spectrum of visual effects, including cutting-edge AI technology. We firmly believe that by harnessing the specialized talents within our team, we can craft the optimal outcome that aligns precisely with your requirements and budget.

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