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Current Project

An investigative reporter (VICTORIA ROBERT JONES) gets a hold of a Global CANCER Cure company’s dirty secrets that needs to be exposed, without getting herself killed in the process. Mercenaries are sent to take her out and retrieve the information. A mysterious homeless man intervenes, displaying special skills in rescuing her from the thugs who tried to attempt a kidnapping in broad daylight. In a strange relationship he ends up helping with her investigation. In the process his own dark past slowly comes to life, as it turns out that he was former special agent JACK STALL, who vanished 4 years ago in unclear circumstances. Although he was only hiding in plain sight, the question is now why everyone thinks he’s supposed to be DEAD…

Ali Jacko (Producer & Writer)

Vincent Woods (Co-Director)

Malcolm Martin (Co Writer)

Jack Stall Dead


Production Team

Ali Jacko (producer all epsiodes)

Paul Caton (Location Sound)

Billie Van Der Veen (Assistant Production Manager)

Mahtab Anwar Aziz (Legal Advisor)

Max Dawiczewski (Script Supervisor)

Marzena Trelinska (makeup artist)

Nitin Bhalla (Special Effects & HUD)

Abigail Harcourt Smith (Special Effect Makeup)


Chelsea Murphy (Special Effect Makeup)


Ruhena Begum (Makeup Artist)


Vincent Woods (1st Assistant Director)


Sanjeev Ramesh (editor)

Evgeny Sinelnikov (Cinematographer)

Sean Brady (Camera Man)

Aghiles Toudeft (Drone Pilot)

Yan Murawski (Gaffer)

Emrah Ali Mandarun (Drone Pilot)

Uzma Nazir (grateful acknowledgment / very special thanks)

Munsur Ali (Very special thanks)

Nitin Bhalla (grateful acknowledgment)


Terence Gross  ( Very special thanks)

Ruhena Begum (Very special thanks)


Catherine E. Chan (Very Special Thanks)

Andrew Martin  (Very special thanks)

Yana Rits – Caitns (Very Special Thanks)

Vincent Woods ( Very special thanks)